The Development institute for Science (DIS) is a product of a similar computer training program developed and implemented by DIS team. The training was provided for four Students per session, two sessions per week for 15-20 sessions. Upon completion of the program the students will received a certificate. The sessions were made up of four core areas of Microsoft Office® training and those core areas were: Win 3.1 & 3.11, Word Processing, DOS.


DIS Change to DISC

DIS Management has decided to add the word computer in trade license to become a brand name (Development Institute for Science & Computer) DISC. During DISC years of research and studies, DISC developed her knowledge base of curriculum development and delivery, return on investment for Technology-Based Training (TBT), ensuring transfer of learning to the job, leveraging technology for human performance improvement and computer training statistics.


Dr. Adnan Abu Odeh Take Over DISC

In 2006 New Management has offered technical assistance and support DISC Director. The new DISC Management Started on 2006 By Mr. Adnan Abu Odeh. DISC has also been approved by international body user specialist program to operate as an Authorized Training & Test Center. This approval gives DISC full authorization to use the logos on printed and televised materials.


DISC Changed Name

DISC became Development Institute for Science Center. The new name will support the vision of the Institute to provide Engineering, Management, Language and IT courses.