ETABS is a Powerful computer program developed specifically for building structures. It provides the Structural Engineer with all the tools necessary to create, modify, analyze, design, and optimize building models. These features are fully integrated in a single, Windows-based, graphical user interface that is unmatched in terms of ease-of-use, productivity, and capability. This course helps you in using ETABS to design High-Rise Structures subjected to Static Gravity and Lateral Loads.

We have individual (private class one on one), group classes, morning, afternoon and evening sessions. Every day classes available. You may inquire through any of our training coordinator, plan ahead and start your career with us.

  • 1: Introduction & Modelling
    • Introduction
    • Objects
    • Templates
    • Floor information
    • Modelling/ Geometry
  • 2: Material & Section Properties
    • Material properties
    • Section properties
    • Wall/ Slab/ Deck Sections
  • 3: Draw & Options
    • Drawing of point, line and area objects
    • Reference lines and planes
  • 4: View, Selection & Options
    • View Management
    • Object Selection
    • Options and preferences
  • 5: Assignment Structural Options
    • Point object assignments
    • Line object assignments
    • Area object assignments
  • 6: Assignment - Loads
    • Load cases - Dead Loads/ Live Loads/ Wind Loads/ Earthquake Loads
    • Load combinations
    • Load assignment
  • 7: Analysis
    • Analysis options
    • Analysis log
  • 8: Text & Graphical Output
    • Text output
    • Undeformed shape and load plots
    • Deformed shape and result plots
    • Energy plots
  • 9: Editing
    • Cut, copy and paste
    • Replicate
    • Frame and area meshing
    • Point and line extrusion
  • 10: Text Input and File Export/ Import
    • Text input file
    • Export options
    • Import options
  • 11: Concrete Design using Indian code IS-456
    • Design of concrete beams and columns
    • Design of Shear Walls
    • Design of Composite beam

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