Dr . Adnan Abu Odeh , DISC CEO In a visit to al Jazeera Network - in Qatar

1st November 2013

Dr . Adnan Abu Odeh on Saturday, 16.11.2013 and during his visit to Qatar met the big Media star Dr. Faisal Qassim in the Al-Jazeera network in his office , the meeting took up his famous Opposite Direction and the role of the press and the Arab media , and its development, and the efforts by Dr. Faisal al - Qassim in high lightening of the Arab media in the forefront of program the international media .

In addition, It was agreed on the agenda of the joint co-operation between Dr. Faisal Qassim, the Arab Institute of Accountants and legal (AIAL)on a joint work program in 2014 through holding training courses in both journalism and media in the United Arab Emirates , the big media star has praised the great efforts made by the Institute in this area and has been agreed on the preparatory sessions for the work program during 2014 , however at the end of the meeting, Dr. Adnan Abu Odeh thanked the big media star a lot for the warm reception and hospitality at the headquarters of his office wishing him further progress and prosperity.

Also , he Dr. Adnan Abu Odeh , CEO of both the Arab Institute of Accountants and Legal ( AIAL) and Development Institute (DISC) made during his visit to Qatar a series of working visits where the first visit was to the Al Jazeera network, and greeted by Mr. Saud Al-Qassim , director of communication in the Al Jazeera Network , where he escorted the later Dr. Adnan Abu Odeh on a tour of the headquarters of Al-Jazeera network as Dr. Adnan breifed the sections network and information services , and accompanied him to visit the Al-Jazeera Arabic , Al Jazeera mubasher , Al Jazeera English and Al Jazeera Sports, as result Mr. Adnan Abu Odeh met many of the Arab media workers in Al-Jazeera , particularly major media Khadija Ben Qana who agreed on the agenda for training sessions during 2014 in the United Arab Emirates ( UAE ) in collaboration with the Arab Institute of Accountants and Legal ( AIAL ) .