Dr. Mohammed Saleh El-Alfy Judge of the Court of Appeal and High Court President in the Arab Arbitration Society (AAS) as Board Member

10th February 2014

Dr. Adnan Abu Odeh, Chief Executive of the Arab Institute of Accountants & Legal ( AIAL) met during his last visit the Arab Republic of Egypt Dr . Mohammed Saleh El-Alfy judge of the Court of Appeal and High Court President in Cairo, Arab Republic of Egypt.

During the meeting both parties discussed aspects of the ways and cooperation between them during, Dr. Adnan Abu Odeh praised the consent of Dr . El-Alfy to accept the position board member at the Arab Arbitration Society ( AAS), based in Egypt where is Dr. Adnan Abu Odeh represents the compound in the Arab countries in the Middle East.

It is noteworthy that

  • Dr. Alfi is a PhD on the topic of “damaging state security crimes online” electronic espionage and terrorism, Cairo University.
  • Specialization (relevant legislation, legal regulation of space and informational Internet)
  • chief of the Arab Association for E- arbitration
  • chief of the Egyptian Association for the fight against cybercrime.